Saturday, March 18, 2017


I knew when taking this piano accompanist position that I wouldn't be sticking with it for 20+ years until retiring.  Its still unclear how long I'll do it.   But what I do know is that Superboss is retiring in 6 years, and if history proves itself, I'll be ready to change things up around that time.

I've come to view this time as a sabbatical.  A time of reflection and renewed perspective.

"In recent times, "sabbatical" has come to mean any extended absence in the career of an individual in order to achieve something. In the modern sense, one takes sabbatical typically to fulfill some goal, e.g., writing a book or travelling extensively for research. Some universities and other institutional employers of scientists, physicians, and academics offer the opportunity to qualify for paid sabbatical as an employee benefit, called sabbatical leave. Some companies offer unpaid sabbatical for people wanting to take career breaks; this is a growing trend in the United Kingdom, with 20% of companies having a career break policy, and a further 10% considering introducing one.
The concept of sabbatical has a source in shmita, described in several places in the Bible. For example, in Leviticus 25, there is a commandment to desist from working the fields during the seventh year."

I also came across the three "life plans", in searching about this:

1. Linear Life Plan:
Where education is for the young, work is for the middle-aged, and leisure is for the elderly.
2. Cyclic Life Plan:
You educate for a period, and then you work for a period, and then you leisure (re-create) for a period. And the cycle continues throughout life.
3. The Blended Life Plan:
You may educate, work, and have leisure all in the same month—for the rest of your life.

With the ball and chain of my teaching career having released me, I have increasingly felt a calling towards contributing to teacher wellness.  It started with Work Your Proper Duty Day.  It would've ended there if it not been for cancer.  Then I got super serious about it.  I quit my job over it.  Took a different job with less stress, less time commitment, less preparation.  Consequently, also less fulfillment, less purpose, less contribution.  Its a dichotomy I struggle with in moments of motivation.  (Its also a relief when I'm feeling unmotivated.)

For a very short period recently, I considered pursuing an administration degree, in order to put myself in a position to influence teacher wellness.   But I keep envisioning myself being pushed into a principal job.  Re: Discipline, evaluations, angry parents, supervising too many evening events....  No thank you.  Yuck.  And I would totally suck at that!

So then I started thinking (again):  Music Education Professor.  Academia <--you have to wobble your head while you read that.  Well, first I'll have to get my Masters Degree, and then my Doctorate if I ever want to be considered for a job, of which I will have to consider the possibility of relocating for a job.  

I've considered working on my Masters for YEARS, but I was always too busy and overwhelmed with my job to actually do it.  Then I quit my job, and now I'm like, well if you spend the time and money to get your Masters, you darn well better get a job where you can use it and move up on the pay scale.  

I could go back into the classroom with renewed purpose and knowledge, if I wanted.  There are some circumstances where I would deeply consider it, but what are the chances that those circumstances would be presented to me?  Or I could decide to keep going and pursue a Doctorate and a job in Academia.  I actually feel excited by the thought of it.  I've always been happiest as a student.  It would allow me opportunities to consider further career adjustments.  The way I see it, this "day job" is the perfect situation for furthering my education.  (Not meaning to demean the piano accompanist as a career when referring to it as the day job. It is a full time busy career that not just any joe-shmoe could do.  I'm just speaking as person who is meandering in figuring out her direction, and has not yet embraced it as her career direction, which I very well could do.)

I didn't go to KMEA this year, which was super weird .  It was ultimately due to embarrassment over going.  What would I do there? What sessions would I attend?  I would've wanted to go to the instrumental things, but my job is in choral music now.

I've also finally admitted to myself that I'm embarrassed about quitting my job, even though it was the right thing to do and I'm happier because of it.  The hardships of teaching in poverty have bested me.  If it wasn't for cancer and changing priorities with my health, I would've kept right on doing it.  What kind of life would that've been?  With my thresholds for stress and anxiousness being completely reset, I've realized just how awful it was.  The sunday night blues were torturous.  The end of summer was pretty much Panic Attack City.  SERIOUSLY!  I had no idea, it was so bad.  Public school teaching is ridiculous.  

I put in my time doing the good work.  I know what its all about.  So I wonder if I actually have a lot to offer in higher education, or if I would just be a total schmuck.    
In my 9 years of teaching experience, I've taught:
-elementary school band
-middle school and high school band
-elementary general music
-elementary choir
-middle school orchestra
-middle school and high school choir (as an accompanist)

And in two completely different community environments.  It appears I have a lot of experience to offer future music education students.  (And a lot of advice to give in balancing their work-personal lives.)


I don't know.

This could just be passing thoughts and aspirations.  Or it could be real.  We will see.

Meanwhile, I'll continue my shmita.

Friday, February 17, 2017


I had my 2 year mammogram/boob sandwich X-rays done today.
Old hat.  I've done this before, was in an out in under 30 minutes, with no trauma done.  I know some women are very sore and tender when it comes to this X-ray, but I am not.  Not a big deal at all.  And, I got to go and enjoy the rest of my 70-degree sunny day!
The nurse said the radiologist would read the results on Monday, comparing them to last year's pictures, to see if there are any changes.  If anything causes concern, they will call me to come back for more pictures.  If I don't hear from them, I'll just be receiving a letter in the mail.  And I'll see my surgeon next in April.
I'm not concerned, but there is that little bit of anxiousness lurking in the back of my brain.  I tried to decipher from her face as she was looking from her computer if there was anything weird, but of course, I'm sure they are really good at disguising their facial expressions with this kind of thing.  So, we will see!

I read an article, The Disappearing Educator, today, and related to it in abundance.  Particularly this about trauma, and specifically "secondary trauma":
"[...] it’s no secret that teachers in urban and low-income schools are especially at-risk. The reason why occurred to her at a professional development session she attended to learn about the effects of trauma on kids.
“I thought, Wow, our teachers are experiencing the same ‘symptoms,’ so to speak,” said Giallombardo, president of the Battle Creek Education Association.
After further research she learned there was a name for the phenomenon, secondary trauma, in which people in helping occupations suffer burnout faster—from carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders and being asked to solve problems too big for individuals to fix alone."

Well, that's all my thoughts for today!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Two year Cancer-versary

Yesterday marked 2 years as a cancer survivor! Boom!  After an unusually busy weekend, I decided to play hooky from work this afternoon and go celebrate, by enjoying some of my favorite things that downtown Lawrence has to offer.   Picked a nice day for it.  Its cloudy but the temperature is nice.  60 degrees.  Businesses have their doors and windows open.  A tease of spring, before it gets cold (and snows!) later this week.  Sigh...


Yoga class.

Ladybird Lunch.


Coffee shop time.

I haven't published anything in my blog for awhile, I noticed!  I haven't had much of note to say.   (all the craziness in politics this past few months was consuming my mind, but I WILL NOT BE WRITING OF SUCH THINGS.  In fact, I went on a radio ban last week.  I just couldn't handle listening to the news.)

I have been sometimes frustrated at work recently.  I realized, when I come home annoyed and frustrated, it was because I was caught in situations where I was forced to do things that ARE NOT  my job.  Lots of teacher absences, especially this time of year.  I do not like being a babysitter.  I am not skillful at convincing reluctant students to be productive in their teacher's absence.  Most of the time, I'm able to disappear and make myself useful, doing my job, in a different location.

It can just be uncomfortable.  I can mind my own business (and feel guilty like I'm not being a responsible adult) or I can get up in the business and be subjected to unpleasantness and frustration.  Its an odd situation to be in.  And doesn't happen very often.  Just more than normal this time of year.

Its almost like there's this teacher-demon inside of me, and it wants to do A THING, and heather-piano-accompanist, says no, don't do THAT THING.  That thing isn't your job, and then I end up doing THE THING, and regretting it.  Heather, just mind your own business.  You are no longer in charge of discipline, or instructional decisions.  But the teacher-demon is like, how can you just sit there, and let this happen.

Its the beauty of the situation, and also the ugly of the situation.

Other than that unpleasantness, things are fine.

So that's all the news for now.  I have my yearly mammogram scheduled for later this month.  I'm sure I'll take some time to write something then!

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Hair update!
I finally got my haircut, for the first time since April.  I was growing a serious mullet.  Now its shorter in the back and long on the sides.  Pretty much close to what my hair used to be, ya know, before all that silly hair-loss madness!  Yeay, normalcy.

So the past couple days have been irrationally dramatic.  I'm definitely among the 49.7% of Americans that think the country is officially CrazyTown.  As I was stomping around the house and throwing a temper tantrum on post-election day I realized:  when did I become so...."OLD"!?  Me?  Yelling about politics, before 7am on a Wednesday?!

I started thinking about this transition to oldness.  When did it happen....

Well, I....

1.  got married.

2.  turned 30.

3.  got a new job.

4.  was faced with the possibility of terminal illness.

5.  changed careers.

6.  became a homeowner.

7.  listen primarily to talk radio in my car.

8.  discovered mushrooms are among my favorite things.

9.  require a mug of caffeinated warm beverage at all times in order to function.

10.  shudder at the thought of staying out past 9:30pm.

11.  became thoroughly disgruntled with politics.


Monday, October 3, 2016

Glitter Cocoon

Yea, I haven't written in awhile.  I've had various blog topics brewing in my head recently:  the black lives matter movement, the election, and a response to a breast cancer article that I read.  But I'm not in the mood for any of those serious topics at the moment.

So instead, I will share a collection of "this is me" pictures I've collected off the world-wide web recently.

                                               cocooning on said couch ----->

I'm currently killing time before a concert tonight.  I'm snacking on a "Tasty Tater" juice (sweet potatoes, pineapple, and lime).  It might be the most delicious and beautiful juice I have ever enjoyed.  It is the color of the sunset.  

And, current hair pic (I haven't had a haircut since April...).  This is 15 months post-chemo:

Friday, September 2, 2016

Livin' the dream

Labor Day Weekend has always been such a huge milestone and much needed break from all the back-to-school craziness.  Now, although I will always appreciate a three-day-weekend, I am just like, oh cool, instead of feeling like oh-thank-god-I-can-sleep-for-72-hours-straight.

My new job is awesome.  For the following reasons:
1.  I am totally relaxed.   I don't think I've ever been this relaxed in my adult life, EVER.
2.  I may use the restroom at regular intervals of my choice.
3.  Its Labor Day Weekend, and I am not sick.
4.  I'm super hydrated.  I have time to drink coffee/tea/water regularly, instead of running my mouth all the time.
5.  I haven't done a single bit of work in my evenings or weekends (excluding concerts, of course).
6.  I travel between 3 buildings, so I have jam-time with my car radio throughout the day.
7.  NW is one of my buildings!  I'm super glad about that.  I love getting to stay in regular touch with my friends there.

1.  The old me:
       The new me:
        It feels WRONG!  But its right.  My super-boss actually gave me a special project, so if I find myself with a chunk of unoccupied time (which happens regularly with building schedule changes and other unexpected academic things), I can work on that and be occupied.

2.  Particularly at NW, having previous relationships with many of those students, I'm floundering on where my line is.  I'm not the teacher anymore!  It is not my job to direct kids.  But I find myself in situations where I am tempted to intervene with student behaviors, and when I do, sometimes it backfires.  Yes, I am not the teacher, and it is no longer my job to be in charge of them.  But it is unrealistic to think that I can be an adult in a school building and never find myself in a situation where I will need to provide positive adult guidance to a student.  I'll figure out the balance, I'm sure.  
Today, the choir teacher pointed out to the students how I'm an extra set of eyeballs in the room, and the student exclaimed "I don't care about her.  I don't even know her.  She's not my teacher."
True story, bro.  But that doesn't mean I'm not going to see you, really SEE you, try to telepathically send you better choices, and that if given the opportunity, have an exchange with you about acting like you have some sense in this world.  Its no longer my responsibility to deal with you.  But I WILL see you.
Bleh.  Its sticky.
But the good part about it - I get to leave and not deal with it.

3.  NW again - its awkward seeing the band and orchestra students.  Although I love when they approach me, and give hugs, and I ask how they are, it is a tad uncomfortable.  I don't wish to cause any problems for the new teacher next door in my old classroom.  

In other news, my side job pet sitting has been AMAZEBALLS.  I'm currently in love with a cat who lives in this gorgeous home near campus.  He lets me pick him up and snuggle snuggle snuggle!  I also visited a house with FOUR super-awesome, adorable, happy, lovable dogs last week.  Three big ones and one small one.   They all believed they are lap dogs, if you can imagine Heather-Dog-Pile.  Wow, it was tough to get in and out of there in 30 mins.  But THEY WERE SO MUCH FUN!  

So, yep.  Livin' the dream.  Professional music maker and animal snuggler....

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Smushy, Eustress, and WWND?

Awwww....summertime bliss.  Welp, my NW past-co-workers all went back to work today.  Meanwhile, I slept in until 9:30am.  Caught up on the Bachelorette and Jimmy Fallon.  Ate a leisurely lunch at 3pm at an all-time fave: Terrebone Po'boys cajun cafe, and then wandered over to the library where I'm currently parked.  I'll have a leisurely dinner later at home and then when Superman gets home from his day/evening of work with army AT, I'll tag along with him and army friends to see a late showing of Star Trek.  Of which I would've been like, NOPE, if I was back at work.  But now I'm, YEP, cuz: #summerlovin.  I've been carrying nightowl hours anyway, with the musical going on.

Despite feeling mischievously satisfied that I didn't go back to work today, my heart is feeling smushy.  My co-workers/friends, and my students...I will miss them.  But I also imagined how I would feel if I'd gone to work there today, and it was not good.  It solidified the rightness of my decision that this was the right thing to do.  No one should go to work feeling the way I would've felt today.  A completely different dimension than the normal IIIIII-Don't-Wanna-Work-I-Just-Wanna-Bang-On-The-Drums-All-Day.  It was definitely time to move on.

I saw this article the other day, and it definitely spoke to me:
Teachers: Move On Before You Burn Out

Especially this part:
I'm walking away knowing that new, fresh personalities will bring something else to the table, things I could never do, and that's good. After all, if more time had gone by, I predict that I would have burned out, and then the kids would have been happy to see me go.

I can tell that this is going to be my line of thoughts for awhile, as I reflect and ponder my changes.  Its going to be a touchy subject: abandoning my profession, and feeling like a quitter/failure.  But also all things education makes my entire system go BLECK!  The job of teaching keeps getting harder, and the political climate keeps getting weirder.  I mean, its no wonder I said PEACE OUT, and somehow managed to change my career path to 1. playing piano and 2. hanging out with other people's pets.  Score, on that one.  For realz.

(I started pet sitting for Lawrence Pet Friends.  I've almost finished training and do my first SOLO visits later this week!)

I've become interested in the topic of Distress vs. Eustress recently.  I've always strived to achieve this middle ground of busy but not too busy, and finally found the word for it:  Eustress.   My explanation for my current career choices have been followed up with "I need less stress in my life."  Which is true.  But, more accurately: I need different stress in my life.

I think our politicians and decision-makers could benefit from studying this concept of distress vs. eustress.  I'm willing to bet that most teachers live in the realm of far-right-distress 9 months out of the year, and the ones who don't are either super-humans, or they have discovered Work-Your-Proper-Duty-Day and are coping with the hard reality that you just won't be enough and you will never be 100% effective at your job.  Ugh.  Doesn't that suck?  That teachers have to cope with the reality that your success rate will be terrible, and then society will blame you for the failure.

Speaking of politics:
This is not something I do.  Ever.  Comment on politics.  I'm usually not aware enough.  Not smart enough.  But this is MY BLOG...Its my party, I'll do what I want to.  I mean, there was this one time in college I went on this coffee-date-thing with a guy I met at a friend's party.  The hour was going very pleasantly with mild-to-healthy interest on both parts until he brought up, oh I can't remember how...maybe a silly-date-get-to-know-you question like, "if you could have coffee with anybody in the world, who would it be?" and he said: Nelson Mandela.  And I said: who?
I was just THAT OBLIVIOUS.  I know who Nelson Mandela is now.  I made sure to find out, because that truly was an atrocity, and I don't blame the guy for being a jerk and expressing his distaste that this is what the world had come to:   music majors not knowing Nelson Mandela.
But anyway, a friend of mine posted this today, and I couldn't help going: YEP.  ALL OF THAT.

Imagine you're on a commercial flight and find out that the pilot and co-pilot have both died suddenly and simultaneously. The plane is on autopilot at present, but someone needs to assume control eventually to land it. It turns out that there's a retired airline pilot seated in first class. He just retired two years ago, but continues to fly a small personal plane as a hobby. He's flown commercial jets very similar to the one you're currently in; many times. He has thousands of successful flights on his record. The only rub is that he's had two drinks during the course of the flight. Given the reputation of drinking problems in pilots, several passengers begin to suggest that he must clearly be an alcoholic as well. He's not an alcoholic, mind you, that's just what several other passengers are suggesting. Hell, let's go so far as to say that someone recognizes this guy as a pilot who crash landed a plane 6 years ago in an accident that resulted in the deaths of four passengers. He was not charged with negligence or any other crime, and continued to have a successful flying career after this crash, but it was a big story for a while. He is, however, the only pilot on the plane.
Given these concerns, another passenger in first class offers up his willingness to fly the plane. He's a 21 year old college student with no flying experience whatsoever. What he does have, however, is a LOT of experience playing video games. Not flight simulators, mind you, just typical video games, like Call of Duty, but since these require "hand eye coordination" he's sure that his skills will translate perfectly to the successful flying and landing of a commercial airplane. Additionally, he is very, very confident in himself. He guarantees that not only can he land the plane, he will land it better than any plane has ever been landed. Ever. It's gonna be so great. Oh, by the way, prior to the announcement of the pilot/co-pilot's deaths, this dude had spent the first hour of the flight being a loud, obnoxious ass, and sexually harassing the flight attendants. And since the announcement of the current situation he's been loudly screaming into the PA that everyone is going to die a horrible, fiery death if they don't immediately let him into the cockpit to make this flight safe again. He's really scaring the children.
This is the choice in front of us. On the one hand we have an individual with an extensive political background that includes successes and failures. Most importantly, however, she is capable of doing the job. You may not like her, you may not trust her, and you may feel she represents more of the same, but at least she has a base of experience sufficient to translate into performing as President of this country. On the other, we have someone who is an insufferable, pathologically narcissistic possible sociopath, who, most critically, has no experience whatsoever doing what he's asking us to let him do. All signs indicate that there is no chance he can successfully carry through with his claims. Moreover, the consequences of his ineptitude are not insignificant. Rather, he will almost certainly make mistakes which will spell utter disaster for all of us.
Stop pretending this is even a choice at all. It's not.
Its clear who the people are in this analogy, and the one scaring children was also talking trash on teachers last week and reportedly, from his own mouth, punched his teacher in the face when he was in 2nd grade.  His music teacher, btw.

Sigh.  A successful person in my mind is a person who:  1. does their best.  2. is nice to people.
That man is not a nice person, and acts like a complete idiot, which makes me think he must BE an actual idiot.
So, NOPE.  Can't even.


Nelson wouldn't vote for him.