Thursday, November 10, 2016


Hair update!
I finally got my haircut, for the first time since April.  I was growing a serious mullet.  Now its shorter in the back and long on the sides.  Pretty much close to what my hair used to be, ya know, before all that silly hair-loss madness!  Yeay, normalcy.

So the past couple days have been irrationally dramatic.  I'm definitely among the 49.7% of Americans that think the country is officially CrazyTown.  As I was stomping around the house and throwing a temper tantrum on post-election day I realized:  when did I become so...."OLD"!?  Me?  Yelling about politics, before 7am on a Wednesday?!

I started thinking about this transition to oldness.  When did it happen....

Well, I....

1.  got married.

2.  turned 30.

3.  got a new job.

4.  was faced with the possibility of terminal illness.

5.  changed careers.

6.  became a homeowner.

7.  listen primarily to talk radio in my car.

8.  discovered mushrooms are among my favorite things.

9.  require a mug of caffeinated warm beverage at all times in order to function.

10.  shudder at the thought of staying out past 9:30pm.

11.  became thoroughly disgruntled with politics.