Friday, August 14, 2015


I had an appointment with my oncologist yesterday.  She discussed the pathology results with us.  Everything was the same as they reported on the day of surgery:  The cancer was taken out with super clean margins and the lymph nodes were clear.
We talked about radiation and got the ball rolling setting up appointments for that.  This will start in about 4 weeks.  And they gave me information about Tamoxifan, which I'll begin taking after radiation.

It was fun walking into oncology and seeing all the nurses and staff light up and congratulate me on the successful surgery.

Its very surreal and I'm still processing the whole bit in my head and how I think/feel about it all.  Here's this thing that totally up-ended my life, and now things are returning to somewhat normalcy.  My energy is coming back.  I discovered this morning that my eyelashes are growing back and I got SUPER EXCITED.  The incisions are healing nicely and I can almost move around as normal.  Though still following the "don't lift over 25 lbs" rule for another week.

But, the surreal thing is:  the cancer is gone.  They took it out.  They solved the problem.  Everything from here on out is preventative measures to ensure it doesn't come back.  craziness.  I made it, everyone!  All those sad moments I experienced and reminded myself of the goal.  This was the goal. Cancer = gone.

Let's keep it that way!


  1. YAY! So happy for you; you did it! Now to move freely forward. :)

  2. I've typed this comment 3 times now so sorry if it post multiples! I was saying.....Congrats! They took it out and but you also beat it into submission first. Had it not been for your fighting, positive attitude, and life rearrangement, those doctors wouldn't have had a chance. Team effort. And your eyelashes are coming back! Also awesome!