Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Blue Snow Day

So, thanks to the Royals EPIC WORLD SERIES WIN, I have the day off from work today.

Nope, you will not find me anywhere near that parade...!
But thanks for giving me the time to do it if I wanted to.

Instead, I am eating delicious t.Loft breakfast, updating my blog, going to 10:00 Hot Hatha yoga (I didn't like it the first time I tried it, so I'm giving it another chance...), watching the parade On The Couch, and somewhere in there watching the 9th - 12th inning that I missed when I put myself to bed.  haha.   That is the end of my plans so far.

I'm enjoying the chance to process all the Royals craziness, and then re-center and get back to real life.  Man!  I was obsessed.  Such fun!  I know I said this last year, I didn't think I was a baseball fan, but I guess I am!  Perhaps influenced by having such a fun home team to watch.

In other news, my Superman and Superfamily threw me a surprise party recently to celebrate the end of my cancer treatments.   I have to say, I was TRULY surprised.  I mean, I KNOW MY HUSBAND.  I knew somethiiiiiiing was up, but I had no idea it was happening.  (although, I did find it weird when he was vacuuming the house just two days after I JUST vacuumed the house. haha...)  I'm so grateful to everyone that came, and was happy to see all of them.

I do feel like life has returned to "normal" for the most part.  However, its a new and improved normal.   I swear to you that the teacher across the hall was sent to me through divine intervention.  She keeps me laughing all day, and encourages me to be active.  She and some of the other ladies at school have been walking and doing Zumba at the end of the work day and I join them whenever possible.  This has helped me stick to #workyourproperdutyday, as well.  Gotta be done by 3:30, so I can go Zumba!

I also bought a fitness tracker!  Its a Jawbone Up2, and I.  LOVE.  IT.

I was tossing between it and the features of the Garmin Vivo fit.  (I never did consider doing a fitbit.) The Garmin had a lot of features that I liked.  The Up2 lacks a console on the band, which I initially really wanted.  I sat on the floor of Best Buy for about an hour just looking at them and thinking.  The Best Buy employees finally realized they should just step over me and keep walking because there were no questions I had for them.  Just needed to think and decide! haha.  But then, noticing the Prop 65 carcinogens warning on the Garmin box is what settled the deal.
California's Proposition 65, also called the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, was enacted in 1986. It is intended to help Californians make informed decisions about protecting themselves from chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Its a precautionary warning and probably NOT a big deal.  However, I just spent considerable time and effort getting rid of cancer, so I'm not going to knowingly invite it back into my life!!!  No sir!!  The Up2 it is, and I couldn't be happier with it.  Its been doing its job.  Getting me off the couch and more active.  :)  Its super fun and satisfying to look in the app and see how much I've slept, how many steps I've taken today, enter in my yoga sessions and other workouts, and entering the food I eat.  It counts the calories and tells me the nutrient make-ups on them. (I'm not concerned with calories, but I LOVE that it tells me the nutrient information.)  It has a "smart coach" that tells me different tips on healthy choices and challenges me to do better.  Its perfect.  And the band is super cute, and I picked my favorite color.  It doesn't look like a fitness tracker.  It looks like a trendy bracelet.  Which was not what I originally wanted, but it turns out I love it.

Well, that's all for today.  No deep thoughts or revelations.  Just catching up, now that my Royals Fever has almost passed.  There's some great lessons to be learned from this season and last season (#resiliency), but I'll ponder on those a different day!  A day that wasn't an unexpected gift of a day off! :D  Much better than an actual snow day.  Its 70+ degrees outside!!!!

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