Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I started my radiation treatments yesterday.  I glow in the dark now (...just kidding).

Here's some pictures:
I'm being placed under the machine and lining up my tattoo dots with the lasers.

From the control panel, while I'm inside.

So, everyday, a total of about 2 mins my chest gets microwaved.  It takes more time for me to get dressed into a gown and situated on the table than it does for the actual treatment.  Once a week, they will add a couple minutes to take some x ray pictures.  On Monday's, I see my Radiation Oncologist.  On Wednesday's, I pee in a cup (pregnancy test, as a precaution).  And that's about it.  Super-easy.  

So, 2 down.  31 more to go.

In honor of starting this joyous set of final steps, here is a song favorite (a former orchestra student showed this to me):

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  1. hahaha....good song choice. Go HB. You can do this.