Saturday, February 6, 2016

Tattooed Lady

In celebration of my one year from the date I found I had cancer, February 5th, I had some permanent artwork done.  :)

There it is, folks!  I'm now a tattooed lady!  

So now that I have it, I better get myself prepared to answer questions about it.  I already know I'm going to start with: "Do you want the long answer or short answer?"

Short answer:  The elephant became my mantra in a time of need because of its symbolism of strength, serenity, and wisdom.  The pink represents my battle with breast cancer, during which I found that obstacles can be overcome with Acceptance, Gratitude and Healing.  I wanted it placed in a spot where I could look at it everyday and remember the lessons I learned.

Long answer:  Well...there's this blog.  Start reading... :)


  1. Love it. Glad you got it and that's a wonderful short answer!

  2. The first question everyone asks is "Did it hurt?" -_-

    I love it! What matters is the meaning it has for you. When I got mine there was a sign that said "For those who understand no explanation is necessary, for those who do not understand no explanation will suffice."

    Rock that pink elephant!