Thursday, April 21, 2016

Resume Distribution

Alright.  I've sent my resume to a BUTTLOAD of positions in the past 2 weeks.  Basically spending all my free-time searching and filling out applications.

International Student Advisor
Strategic Communication Coordinator
Library Information Specialist
Library Clerk
Library Youth Information Specialist
Online Editorial Assistant
Youth Services Librarian
Piano Accompanist
Internal Communications Manager
Site Manager, Recruiting Programs
New Teacher Pipeline
Marketing Content Writer
Technical Writer
Freelance Writer

Wanna know how many replies/interview requests I've gotten?:
1.   Dog-walking/Pet-sitting.

And there is currently one middle school band opening in the area.  Am I dumb not to apply for it?  Am I allowing a sour situation to overcome my judgement?

Am I living in a fantasy land that I can be choosy about what kind of job and environment I work in?

*head exploding*

I'm going to turn to my phone's photo library for inspiration and morale-boost.  (Whenever I see something that resonates with me online, I save it for later!)

Random Throwback.   GUYS!  LOOK HOW LONG MY HAIR IS.

In other news, the house front is going swimmingly.  Inspections are scheduled for next week.  Home loan details are being solidified with no issues.  Yeay!

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