Thursday, July 30, 2015

Divine intervention and cry/laughing

So I went to an on-site health screening for the school district today.  $20 off our monthly insurance rates is the incentive for taking the time to go and do it.  Fill out a survey, pin-prick blood drawn for cholesterol checks, height, weight, blood pressure, and personal consultation with a nurse practitioner on the results.

Good news, guys.  I'm in perfect health! *sarcasm*  My waist line is perfect.  My cholesterol could not be better.  Blood pressure is good.  You name it - picture perfect good health.  (Its a little unsettling that the state of health in our world is that someone who appears to be perfectly healthy can, in fact, not be.)

There was a red flag on just one thing.  I don't exercise frequently enough, according to the survey I filled out.  Of which I said, I do a little bit of moderate activity and NEVER vigorous activity.

The nice nurse practitioner/Blue Cross lady says, "Really??? You don't exercise AT ALL?"  I explained to her that I just finished 5 months of chemotherapy and I'm tired ALL THE TIME, so currently, aside from gentle yoga, no, I am not exercising.

*shocked silence*  The Blue Cross lady will be praying for me.

I find this all outrageously humorous.  I'm glad I'm getting $20 off my insurance rates though.  Too bad for them that this year they are paying close to a million dollars for my cancer treatment.  ha.  I cry/laughed about it on the drive back to my building.  Sigh.

I do plan to start exercising soon.  After I heal up from surgery.   I've been pondering different things that I can do, including considering getting a personal trainer to enforce that I actually do them.  Zumba has always been on my list of "exercise I can tolerate doing".

Well, I discovered today that the new teacher across the hallway is a Zumba certified instructor and will be starting up some after-school Zumba classes for any of the staff interested in attending.

If that isn't divine intervention, I don't know what is.

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  1. Society really needs to get away from those unrealistic tests...they are not good indicators of health. Not that being a healthy weight isn't a good thing, but if I had a "healthy" BMI I would look sickly thin. It also doesn't take into account that muscle weighs more than fat, so a very toned and fit person can technically be obese by that scale. And like you pointed doesn't indicate what is going on inside. In fact I may weigh more now than a few years ago, but if you look at my blood work I'm a LOT healthier.

    The survey thing always gets me too...people could totally lie. I have my doctor do it now because the staff has been rude to me before and made me feel like crap because of my weight. I think if the district wants to really help--lessen our stress, pay us enough (or pay for) gym memberships or classes that meet when we can actually go and that offer differentiated instruction. :)

    But...I am glad to hear your numbers all came out well. I have thought about Zumba, but I need something I can do at home more. Like with Yoga, I'm afraid I'll hurt myself lol. It does sound like divine intervention for you...awesome when things fall into place like that! Go for it!