Tuesday, July 7, 2015

LAST CHEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today comes with mixed feelings.  I'm obviously super relieved and grateful that I made it to the end of chemo.  But I'm also going to miss seeing the wonderful people at Lawrence Memorial Hospital on a weekly basis.

Superman made cookies for them all as a thank you, and they were the talk of the oncology unit.  (they were extremely delicious.  I picked out the recipe  - Lemonade cookies - and he made them.)


Today's Harrison Ford movie was Working Girl, officially one of my favorites.  I had been requesting that one for awhile and Superman couldn't find it anywhere around town.  So finally he had Netflix mail it to him and saved it for my last day as a surprise.   :)  We had nurses and office staff coming in and out the whole time complimenting on the cookies, and they would stay for a few minutes and watch some of the movie.  It was a fun day.

So then when it was time to go, I knew that something big would happen because they have a tradition of singing a "no more chemo" song to everyone on their last time.  They went all out and even gave me a fake Harrison Ford autographed picture, as well as a balloon and an Oncology Alumni shirt.  It was a such a great day, and I cried and felt silly.

 Harrison Ford autographed photo on the right.  haha...

balloon and shirt

hooked up to my last bag of chemo. :)

Random bathroom photo of my increasingly fuzzy head (and painted on eyebrows...) from last week..  Thought I would document my hair-regrowth.

I can't believe I made it.  (well almost.  Still have to make it through the side effects this week, but it will be the LAST TIME!)

I could not have done it without my support people.  My husband has been OUTSTANDINGLY amazing.  Truly Superman.  He didn't miss a single chemo appointment.  My family so helpful and encouraging.  Presents and food, oh my goodness.  So much food and so much appreciation.  My friends constantly sending me messages of positivity, and humor.  My work colleagues out doing themselves on a daily basis.  I'm one lucky gal.

So, now on to the next step.  Tomorrow is a big day.  We see my surgeon in the morning and hopefully putting surgery and the type of surgery on the calendar.  Here's hoping for the lumpectomy!


  1. Congrats Heather! I bet you guys touched the hearts of many people at the hospital and your farewell song was much deserved! Your fuzz is looking good!