Tuesday, June 30, 2015

One more to go!

I saw the oncologist at chemo today and we started talking about what's happening next.  (one more left!!)

She wants to see me next a couple days after surgery (which hasn't been scheduled yet, and we still don't know what type).  We would talk about how the surgery went and if they were able to get it all out.  She also said that they wouldn't be terribly concerned if they didn't get it all because of our plan to do hormonal therapy, the pill I'll be taking for the next 5 years, because the benefits of this pill are as great as chemotherapy.  She also said that they have given me the extent of chemotherapy they would do at this time, so that they will take my port out at surgery.  Yeay!  She said that the only reason they would be really concerned is if they found that I had like 25 lymph nodes involved or something like that.

So, she was very super positive, and I guess things are fully under control and good.

A couple things that surprised me:
-not getting all the cancer out during surgery is not a big deal, nor a reason to be concerned
-the hormone pill will be as beneficial to me as chemo
-the way she worded things made me feel like she is expecting me to have the lumpectomy, even though we told her that the surgeon seemed less sure and said we were borderline at the last appointment.

I usually audio record my appointments on my phone so I can go back and listen to it if I need to.  Today, I forgot to!  I wish I could go back and listen... sigh.  If anything else, just to recreate this feeling of reassurance and everything is under control in any future moments of anxiousness.

I also have been noticing that my hands and feet have gradually started to feel strange.  I've already had neuropathy in my fingertips and toes, but the feeling in my hands and feet is different.  Its hard to describe.  Like they are tight, weak, and less mobile.   My oncologist said it didn't sound like what neuropathy typically is, which is strange.  She said to let her know if it gets worse so they can call it quits on my next and last infusion.

LAST ONE next week!


  1. One last week! That's awesome! You have another surgery meeting next week too right?