Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Just 3 more!

Chemo #13 has almost come to a close and has been a success.  
A couple notable things-
Last week my liver levels were high, but today they were back down to normal.
And my weight was down 6 lbs from last week, and also at its all time low.   Which is completely weird because I've been somewhat of a piggo most recently.  Yesterday I stuffed myself with french toast and hashbrowns from Aimee's coffee shop.  And then Superman and I had dinner at a friends house last night.  Crawfish enchiladas.  They were so good!  Followed by chocolate peanut butter desert.  Haven't felt that full for a long time.  ...Yet...I lost 6 lbs this week.  what?  I have been doing tons of yoga on my first week of summer vacation.  So maybe that has contributed.  And I haven't eaten lunch yet today.

3 more chemos after today!

I have exactly 16 eyelashes left.  Yes I counted.  But my hair on other various body parts is starting to grow back.  I used baby shampoo on my head this morning and felt for the first time that I was actually washing hair and not just a bare head.  Its very very thin, but its there!

Tomorrow is a big day.  I have an appointment with the surgeon for an ultra-sound to check in on the progress.  I think this is the BIG appointment where we make decisions on what type of surgery I'm having.

I'm nervous.  I have news that I want to hear all planned out in my head.  But I will do whatever is most highly recommended, even if I don't like it...

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