Wednesday, June 10, 2015

enter summer vacation

I normally do lesson plans while I'm at chemo, but today I'm updating my blog instead!!

Summer vacation...aaaaahhhhh.

I rescheduled my chemo (#12 - four more to go after today!) from yesterday to today, for two reasons:
1.  So I could complete my work day/check-out on the same day as everyone else.  Finding people after they have gone home for the summer is challenging.
2.  So Chris and I could celebrate our anniversary without chemo-aftermath limiting the evening.

So upon leaving school at noon, I picked up Jimmy Johns (#yummy), watched the latest Game of Thrones episode (#dragon #whoa), took a nap (#firstsummersnooze), and went out to dinner and to see the Flogging Molly concert at the Crossroads with Superman (#datenight #3rdanniversary #love).

Great kick-off to the summer.  Such a great concert.  Superman is a long time Flogging Molly fan, but this was my first time listening to them.  They were super fun!  And I made it (barely) through the evening.  Definitely collapsed exhausted in the car after the concert was over.  I commented awhile back about how going out to see live music is something I can't do anymore.  I'm very pleased that I'm able to do that again (though challenging).  I'm pushing through this time and doing great.  Remaining positive.  Living 'normal' life when I can.  My days are definitely up and down, but generally doing awesome!

My nurse today commented on my blood pressure being lower than normal and was mildly concerned and asked questions.  I said, "Well.  Today is my first day of summer vacation.  So.....?"


Today's chemo traditional Harrison Ford viewing experience:  Return of the Jedi

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  1. Blood pressure lower due to you being on summer break. :)