Sunday, October 18, 2015


Breast Cancer Awareness Month






Another thing that people choose to be upset about.

I've been thinking/composing this post in my head for about 3 weeks now.   I was all prepared to say something to the effect - "I know what I'm talking about.  I AM a breast cancer patient.  I WILL BE the authority on this subject.  Everybody else: shut your mouths, get over yourself, and just be supportive of people who would like to expand awareness of this cause."

Since then, only one thing remains, "Just be supportive of people who would like to expand the awareness of this cause."

I read an article where someone had the audacity to say that Susan G. Komen Foundation is the reason we haven't found a cure yet and the deaths of all future dead breast cancer patients lies on their shoulders.  Too which the sentiment "shut your mouths" immediately exploded in my brain.

However, I do understand the sentiment and the anger of this article, which was written by also a breast cancer patient, and yes, they deserve some validity and authority on the subject.  Because its important.  This is something that matters.  Its not frivolous diarrhea of the mouth.  It is the feelings and perception of real people affected directly by breast cancer.

So I invite you to become more aware of where research funds go.   Everybody sees that pink ribbon, and thinks, yes, breast cancer.  Find the cure!  Take my money!

Just because a product has a pink ribbon on it doesn't mean that money is going towards research for the cure.  Or early detection.  Or anything else.

My school recently did a PASSIONATELY PINK week.  Our nurse collected donations.  She informed us of the shocking statistic that Wyandotte County has the highest death rate in the country of breast cancer death.  Everybody in the school wore pink.  We did raffle tickets for prizes.  Took pictures to send in with our donation to the Susan G. Komen foundation.  And it was awesome.  And although, there are breast cancer survivors who do not like the "pink-washing", I am not one of those people.  Because I am a Thrivor, and its because of my experience with cancer that I am this way, and happier for it.

I've read statistics on where research money goes.  Most of it is towards early detection efforts, and the sharing of victorious stories (SUCH AS MYSELF), of women who beat it.  I did that.  I am a picture perfect representation of how far treatment for breast cancer has come.


But, breast cancer in the breast, does NOT KILL women (and men).  Its when it spreads to other parts of the body "Metastatic Stage IV" breast cancer that kills.  And the information I'm reading is that less than 2% of funds raised towards research goes to finding that cure.  Sometimes even early detection does not catch cancer before it metasizes. ( <--- probably not a word. )

So, perhaps, instead of blindly buying the pink-washed products, take the time to go online and find an organization that is using the money correctly.   Do the research.  I know I mentioned Susan G. Komen earlier in a negative way.  I'm not saying they aren't worthy.  I don't know.  I want to do my research too...

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