Saturday, October 24, 2015

Survivorship, Day 1

I took my first Tamoxifen today.  Only 1,824 days (5 years) left!  hahaaaaaaaaa.   ha.

I was nervous about how it would make me feel.  I felt a little queasy and fuzzy headed for a little bit - however, it could've been because I went too long before eating some breakfast.  And after some coffee, my fuzzy headedness went away.  Don't know if it was related.  But, regardless, I welcome it with open arms, for it will ensure that I live many many years of awesome life.  My oncologist said the benefit of Tamoxifen is as great, if not greater, than chemotherapy.  Another weapon in my arsenal.

Yesterday was celebration of the end of radiation.  I consider this day:  Survivorship, Day 1.   And I'm dressing the part.  I bought some new workout clothes yesterday, to get me ready and excited for my more active lifestyle.  Nothing like new outfits to get you ready!  So I'm wearing new sweatpants today, not because I actually did anything active, but because:  Saturday.  ha.  But, hey, its a start.  I'm doing  Zumba after-school on Monday.  And I bought some new tennis shoes today.  I've known my last pair of tennis shoes longer than I've known my husband!  Yep.

In other news, the Royals won the American League Championship last night!   Woke up to all kinds of fun shares on the Facebook.

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  1. Glad to hear things are going well! And I love the memes!