Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Two more!

To give you an idea of what my skin is doing, here's a gross picture.

Centralized right under my armpit is the yuckiest part.  The rest of it is not that bad.  In fact, this picture was taken over the weekend, and its already getting better.

My radiation oncologist prescribed me some burn cream too, which I'll start using tonight.  Again, totally in the normal range of reactions.  Its just uncomfortable at times.  Where my skin has peeled, there is healthy skin underneath, and that's a very good thing!  Can't tell you how thankful I am that my body bounces back as good as it does.  I have a new appreciation for the healing properties of the immune system, and the affect of a good night's sleep on the rejuvenating process.  Sleep is a top priority.  And I have to say, I only had one "break down" moment in the evening.  It was last week sometime.  Superman commented on how I wasn't going to stay up for just a few more minutes for the last inning of baseball, and I'm like "NOPE. Can't do it. *tears*."  And I went to bed.  And the Royals won without me, as they are often prone to doing in the last innings of any game.

So anyway.  My skin.  Owie.  But its already getting better, and I'm still living the good life.

Currently eating pie, and watching baseball.  #thegoodlife



  1. Ouch! Welp done now and recovery is next. Go Royals!

  2. It looks painful not just uncomfortable! *hugs* While I'm glad you aren't having any horrific reactions, I'm still sorry you have to go through any of them.

    Pie and baseball is win though. I personally I think people misjudge the awesomeness of sleep. :p