Friday, February 27, 2015

Chemo-brain is real

Despite achy bones and muscles from my immunity shot, I went to work today.  It was the end of a grading period so a grade-prep day, no children.  It was a good day to feel out how this would all go for me post-treatment.

However, chemo-brain, whoa.  This is real.  I was at work for about two hours and hadn't yet gotten ANYTHING done on my to-do list.  I'm usually very focused, zoom-boom-zip-got-that-done-now-this.  Nope.  I moseyed about the room cleaning up after a few days of subs, filled my brita water filter, organized a few things, went down the hall and across the hall to talk with people, went to the bathroom, went to the bathroom again (I'm drinking my water!), froze in my room and decided to move to the library where it was warmer, talked to some more people, and then finally FINALLY started inputing grades.  Then I started slowly crossing other stuff off my to-do list.  Pretty exhausted at this point, and made a priority of going to get lunch, doing the remaining things I HAD to do in the building, and took the rest home at 2:00pm.  Laid down on the couch and took a nap after that.

So, all in all, a good day.  I voraciously had left-over superman's lasagna for dinner and had a reese's peanut butter egg from my gifts earlier this week.  Whoa, heart burn.  Just kind of stinks that my body is not healthy right now.  I spoke with HR today about FMLA paperwork and being eligible for the sick leave bank.  Which I will be.  But something I told the HR lady was, yea, this really stinks, but the outlook is very positive and I just have got to push my way through it.  And that's true.  This will be done.  It will be a hard handful of months, and my doctors have all said the same thing.  I will look back on this like, wow, that sucked, but you made it.

Last night, when I took my shower, I did my normal scrub on my head washing my hair, and ouch.  It was really tender.  Yep, losing that hair for sure.  No longer hoping for that 1% chance that I will be one of those people that doesn't lose it.  Superman mentioned getting up early tomorrow before the weather hits and going to the wig shop to get the ball rollin' there.

So, short entry.  Now I'm tucked in for more time on the couch and catching up on, wait for it, The Bachelor... quality tv, I know.   But I have cancer.  I can watch whatever I want!  mwahaha!

Oh, one more thing...what's the deal with this blue/black white/gold dress that people are freaking out about on the interwebs right now??  I think the entire world has chemo-brain...

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