Friday, February 20, 2015

Pre-surgery jitters

So, the hospital has been in contact several times in the last 48 hours calling to remind me about my port surgery on Monday.  All different ladies.  All telling me the same thing.  "no food after midnight."  "Show up at 7:10am"  "The entrance next to the E.R."  ok ok, I got it.  Well, I did call and ask if its ok to take a sleep med the night before, because I'm going to be WAY BIG TIME nervous about surgery and I want to be able to sleep.  Well, one of the five women who have been consistently bothering me this week called back and said, yes, that's fine, oh and be sure to let your nurse know that you are feeling anxious.  We have an "I don't care anymore" medication that she can give you to relieve your anxiety about the surgery.


"I don't care anymore" medication.   WHAAAT?!?!  Does this come on the rocks or with an umbrella??  So, ok, I'm not an advocate of using any kind of drug to make things better.  (Aside from any medical conditions that dictate drugs, of course.). The list of medications on my record related to my treatment is currently longer than I have ever used in my entire lifetime.  Prescription and over-the-counter combined.  So, seriously, I believe the less you take, the better.  Keep your body clean.  Its better for your gut and blood, and all that good stuff.  (but now I have cancer, so what do I know?)

But an "I DON'T CARE ANYMORE" pill????? can think of a situation or two where this would be very helpful to the general population.  haHA!  But seriously, not advocating using prescription drugs or whatever of any kind.  no.  I just find this medication, and ITS NAME, for goodness sake, to be very funny.  And I will be telling the nurse that I need it.

I had my echocardiogram yesterday, and that was....   squeamish.  I watched the technician for 20 minutes, taking multiple live shots of my heart from multiple angles, and pressing a million buttons to make the screen change modes.  I could see my VALVES, wiggling side to side, letting blood pass through my aorta vein (aorta, that's a real word right.  I dimly recall that word from...a science class, in my dimly lit memory).  And then he drew lines measuring the sizes of my different cavities, and it was all very weird.  And cool.  But squeamish, is the word to describe how I felt.

Back to the feeling anxious about my surgery.  During my transition to a robot or a character from Star Trek (I'll have the badge to prove it), I'm not allowed to wear jewelry.  So I'm going to have to leave my elephant bracelet at home.     !!!!    !!!!!
I am however allowed to wear underwear and socks (SOCKS!) as long as they are 100% cotton.  So where can I find some elephant underwear and socks before Monday!??

Superman was asking me what kind of food I want to eat after chemo.  Well, it can't be anything I love, because I won't love it anymore once its associated with treatment.  My mother's friend and neighbor (15 year survivor!) said "no burger and fries.  big mistake.  stick with broth."  So I'm thinking....soup.  Maybe chicken noodle in variety.  Its not my favorite soup, so no harm done.  And chicken noodle has been proven to excel healing.  So, there it is.  Chicken Noodle, broth, and other mediocre soups (not like Free State Cheddar Ale Soup, or anything.  No.  Must preserve that goodness!)

...again, people have been so awesome.  NW Staff members in particular, so many offers in whatever help I need.  I may have to take people up on the frequent bathroom breaks requirement of my treatment...sigh!   Students have been giving me handmade cards, and declarations that they will be praying at home.

A student sent me this yesterday:

(She doesn't know that Superman gave me a disney princess coloring book for waiting rooms...)

Another group of students made this, and also one gave me a business card for her church, if I ever needed anything:

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  1. The princess one is cute! Knowing your doctor history this post made me feel very impressed with you Heather! :)