Saturday, February 14, 2015

Future Survivor

I have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  We don’t have all the information yet, but here’s what I can tell you.

-It’s a very common type, which is good for treatment (invasive ductal).
-Its moderately aggressive (moderately differentiated, which is good.  Better than poorly differentiated!)
-With the information we have right now, it is categorized as Stage II, but we don’t have the complete picture yet.
-Waiting on hormone receptor results, which decide the details of treatment.
-They scheduled me for a CT and Bone Scan, to see if it is showing up anywhere else.  This can affect what Stage its in.
-The expected treatment at this point is 4-5 months of aggressive chemotherapy, to be followed by surgery.  The intent is to shrink (or eliminate) it before taking it out.  I anticipate missing a great deal of work, but the oncologist told me that many people are able and continue to work intermittently during this time.

Obviously this has come as a huge shock.  It was something I discovered myself and made a general doctor's appointment, but I didn’t learn of the real possibility until last week after a follow-up mammogram and sonogram.  Biopsy results came yesterday confirming what the doctors were expecting.   I have empowered myself with knowledge and I am doing well emotionally/mentally at this point.  I’m also relieved to be moving forward with answers/treatment and a team of doctors who are all strong kick-butt women.  My husband, Chris, and I feel 100% confident in following their recommendations.

I have tons of support from my family and our insurance situation is great, between KCK's blue cross plan and Chris’s army coverage.  So we are feeling very optimistic and ready to take this on.  As my surgeon said “A year or so from now, you will be a breast cancer survivor”.   

More answers at my oncologist appointment on Tuesday.

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