Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chemo Class

So I went to Chemo school today and met with a nurse and a pharmacist.  They walked us through what to expect at treatment, the side effects, and the massive list of medications.

My brain is to capacity at the moment but I came away with these top five important things:

-A temperature above 100.5 is a bad thing.  Call the doctor immediately.  Even if its 2am.
-Drink 8 glasses of water/juice a day.  Coffee doesn't count (but THANK YOU, IT'S OK TO CONTINUE DRINKING COFFEE, YES)
-When I have to pee on the day of or the couple days after treatment, pee immediately.  Don't hold it!  Get the stuff out of your bladder.  This will take some adjusting to, especially if I'm in the classroom.
-Gargle salt water 3-4x a day.  Protects your mouth from drying out and sores.
-Invest in baby shampoo for my future bald head.

The pharmacist was actually the parent of a former student.  The good kind.  Although this could've been a little awkward, it was actually the opposite.  It was relieving to have someone I knew telling me all that massive bits of crazy information, answering questions, and again that great humor and positivity that is fast-becoming the trademark of Lawrence Memorial.

Then we did the Zoladex injection to further protect my fertility, which looked way more scary than it actually was...  I swear I could hear my ovaries screaming at me later.
Their final minutes before they drifted off into a heavy confused sleep:  "Waaaa....NOooooooooo.....zzzzzzz".  #temporarymenopause  #hotflashescouldbefun  #Ihatewinter

And we decided to do the port instead of using the veins.  Especially because three sets of nurses over the past week that have continually been asking to look at my veins again, and again, and again... My veins look fragile evidently.  Ha! Little do they know....  No, really, they are probably right.

So, Echocardiogram tomorrow.   Minor surgery on Monday for the port.  1st day of chemo on Wednesday.  So glad this is all moving so fast so I don't have to think about it and JUST DO IT!

I told my students in my even hour classes today.  I'll get to the odd hours tomorrow, except for one, leaving early for my echocardiogram.  They were all very sweet, and asked really good questions.  People all around have been just awesome.

Some amazeball friends/family have sent me little messages with elephants in them.  I squealed in delight, LOUDLY, at the elephant with the saxophone.  :)


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