Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Book recommendation

I'm slowly making my way through the Lawrence Public Library's collection of breast cancer books. This one was VERY good:

Breast Cancer: Real Questions, Real Answers
By David Chan, MD

It's written in the format of question and answer, organized in chapters by topic. And it was the perfect mix of realistic and optimistic/empowering. 

Feeling gratitude for good available literature. And also my obsessive tendency to seek it out. (Which I have to say published literature is the way to go. Avoid the Google search binges!! Ha.)

I'm dragging my tired butt to yoga class today. 12:30. Then rewarding myself with take-out Greek food afterwards. Do it!

Healing. Acceptance. Gratitude (for literature, conviction, and Greek food!)


  1. Have you met Michael's mom yet? Margie Coggins? She's a wonderful human being, a multiple time breast cancer survivor, and a large part of that library. If the work staff wear's name badges you should introduce yourself!

    1. I've never met her. I'll keep my eye out for her.