Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Chemo #9 and a cold

Chemo went fine yesterday. It was super hectic in the oncology unit, so it took longer than usual. Probably because of the upcoming holiday. They are having to fit in Monday's load into other surrounding days of the week. I have been battling a cold, so I was not pleased to be waiting around, ready to get back into pjs and rest at home. Thankfully, a cold is no reason to delay treatment, because I don't have a fever and my lab results showed all my levels were fine. Just feel extra yucky, is all. My sore throat from Monday has almost passed. Now I'm just dealing with phlegm in my throat, occasional minor coughing (clearing the phlegm in my throat), and a cloudy achy head. I already have a chronic runny nose anyway, haha, due to chemo side effects. 

The nurses said to just get some rest and keep drinking plenty of fluids, all of which I am doing anyway. 

Superman and I accidently have a tradition of watching Harrison Ford movies at my treatment. It started out with just watching the movies in Superman's DVD pouch. With my inclination of loving all things Harrison Ford and Superman's surprisingly large collection (I think he secretly loves all things Harrison Ford too! Haha.) we have watched them all and had to go outside our collection to the movie rental store. Yesterday's selection: The Fugitive
Great movie! It's been a long time since I've seen that one and forgot how much I liked it. 

I plan to go to work on Thursday and Friday. I NEED to go to work. I have a concert next week and I have a LOT to do. 

I don't know what my classroom has been like this week. Monday was a luck of the draw sub or maybe coverage in the building because I called in past the subfinder deadline. And then my awesome retired music teacher sub has been sick too! So I had someone else on Tuesday and today. I could be coming back to a little bit of a mess. We will see. 

There's tons of field trips and end of the year activities going on too. So I'm having to constantly adjust my plans. Whew. Just hope to have a mildly successful concert and get on with it. Trying not to let my perfectionism get in the way of my serenity. I just have to let it go and know that I am doing my best and everything will be FINE. 

I'm currently reading a book in bed, underneath plenty of blankets (hot flashes aren't bothering me at the moment with fighting this cold) and a cup of AMAZING earl grey tea. I don't normally have two cups of hot caffeinated beverages, but this was so hot, soothing, and delicious, I had to make some more. 

I'm reading a soothing and entertaining pride-and-prejudice era booked called Longbourn by Jo Baker and enjoying it a lot. If you're a Downton Abbey fan, this is a book for you. 


  1. When is your concert next week?

  2. What time? That's my LV night but I am getting done early-ish...How was teaching these two days? Did your classroom survive 2 random subs?

    1. The concert starts at 6:00pm.

      The two days of teaching were fine. And then Friday night my cold attached with vengeance. haha. Its nice that Monday was a holiday (extra rest) and then Tuesday/Wednesday, out for chemo (extra extra rest) and then hit the ground running on Thursday - the DAY OF MY CONCERT. Crazy-town.

      My random subs showed movies. bleh. Oh well.

  3. Whoa....Thursday will be an adventure for sure!! How did today go?