Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The slap stings

Superman woke me up this morning showing me this story on KMBC news.


First of all, this teacher is a friend of mine and I'm so upset for her.  I'm feeling it on behalf of all music teachers in our state.  Our governor is the reason for this atrocity.  Students rallying around their music teachers is a testament to how important we are in their personal growth and education.  She is a good one, and that community will greatly miss her.

Second of all, 4 years ago, I was that teacher.  Literally.  I was the teacher that filled that position for five years prior to moving to KCK.  This is a huge hit to their arts community.  So many opportunities for those kids will be lost.  They have a very sizable and successful program there.  How will they be able to uphold the huge success of that program with this kind of hit?  They won't.  The downsize will have a huge toll.  I spent five years of my life co-creating that kingdom.  And then stepping out and observing the success continue to grow from a distance:  such a feeling of ownership and happiness even though I was not a part of it anymore.  Five years of my passionate hard work, swirling down the drain as I type this.  Its not about me.  But, my cheek stings with the slap not directed at my face, given by Brownback and other educational professionals responsible for this horrible decision.

Third of all, if I had made different decisions in my life, that could've been ME.  Battling breast cancer and losing my job all in the same few months.  I very well could've still been working there.  It was a hard decision when I chose to move on professionally.  Tonganoxie is equal parts amazing and crazy-town, depending on what's going on that day.  I could've stayed there my entire career, and loved it.  But I didn't.

Life goes the way its supposed to go though.  Northwest/KCK couldn't be a better or more supportive place for me.  There's a handful of work colleagues that I KNOW I wouldn't be able to make it through my day without them.  Related to my cancer, or otherwise.   For this, I am grateful.  (Glad I'm feeling gratitude again!!!)

I'm having chemo #8 today.  Its my halfway day.  8 out of 16 infusions.


  1. Half way!!! That's awesome! Half way to being done with chemo right? Not half way to being done with this segment?

    1. Yea. Halfway done with chemo. 4 out of 12 on this segment.