Monday, May 25, 2015

Long Restful Weekend

My cold attacked with a vengeance on Friday night.  And then Saturday night I had a slight scare with a low-grade fever.  The highest it reached was 99.45.  But I've been told in no uncertain terms that you call the hospital immediately if you have a temperature of 100.5 or greater.   But I didn't get there, so WHEW!

I was getting annoyed that I'm having to fight this cold right before my concert, but then I realized the timing couldn't be better.  With the long holiday weekend and then the timing of my two days off for chemo treatment, that equals five days off of rest and then hitting the ground running on Thursday for my concert. 

After that, I'll be recovered and can focus on closing out the school year.

Hastings was doing a free movie rental promotion this weekend.  10 FREE MOVIE RENTALS for customers with a rental account of 90 days or longer.  what?  So Superman showed up at home with all these movies, and that's pretty much what I've been doing this weekend. 

Sniffling.  Couch.  Movies.  Recovery.

Not most people's idea of a good Memorial Day Weekend.  But given the state of things, I'm ok with it.

Its been surreal ending this Spring semester.  I went to a music teacher party for a little bit on Friday night.  The rest of KCK has ended their school year, so they are all on their summer-has-started-high.  I'm usually counting down the days to the end of my school year too.  But this year, I'm counting down the days to other things instead.  Its strange.

So, for now...

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  1. How many days left with chemo? Do you know the number of days and the number of treatments?