Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pre-chemo #4

I had my oncologist appointment this afternoon.  No big changes.  The tumor was measuring about the same as two weeks ago, but she said its becoming "nondescript" - The edges are less defined and harder to measure.  Which I agree, its definitely getting softer and closer to when I first discovered it and was unsure if there was actually something weird there or not.  I'll be meeting with my surgeon for an ultrasound in a couple weeks to get more clear information on its progress.

We also discussed my Sunday-Sad-Day a few weeks ago and she said it was a result of "steroid crash".  I take steroids for two days after each treatment.  She decided to extend (but not increase) the steroids to taper off the dose so I wouldn't experience the crash as much.  Ween me gently.

TOMORROW IS MY LAST A/C CHEMO.  YEAY!  But I'm also anxious about this end, and the new beginning with Taxol.  I was becoming used to A/C and comforted by the predictability of its side effects.  Now I have to get used to a new type.... sigh.  I want to be friends with my healing materials.

I submitted my FMLA papers to work and it was officially approved today.  That means that I can miss work for up to 60 days without penalty of losing my job.  Woohoo!  Yeay, for keeping my job.

Something strange that the nurses and doctors keep asking me:  "You still going to work?"  Like, at some point, they expect me to stop going.  I plan to continue working as long as I feel able.  The question just makes me feel weird, as if they expect me not to.  I really hope that's not in my future.  Anyway, I think its the best thing for me.  Keeps me feeling somewhat normal, and moderate exercise is good for healing and treatment.  I just need to make sure I maintain a balance between staying active and not working TOO much and hindering my healing.  I do feel like I'm staying balanced, however.  Last Monday, I went home after lunch, and after a super looooong nap, it became abundantly clear that the extra bit of rest benefitted me the whole rest of the week.

So a BIG HUMONGOUS BOX showed up on my doorstep today.  :)  My cousin and her family sent us a bunch of awesome stuff:  healthy snacks for me, not so healthy snacks for superman and superkids, elephant paraphernalia, superman paraphernalia, and other miscellaneous gifts.

And I received this cross in the mail from my aunt a few weeks ago as well.

Gratitude, acceptance, and healing!

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  1. I saw work unless you don't feel you can...I would think the more normal you can keep things the easier it will be to have a positive outlook. Difficult? I can't imagine, but possible? I've seen it done before, and if they can do it so can you.

    It may also be that they don't want you to feel like you have to if you feel you can't. I could see that...maybe they just aren't great a communicating that? I say you've got a great mindset and if you can handle it go for it! You're just going to beat this in every way possible! :)