Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chemo #3

Not much to report. Today's therapy session went completely smoothly. I'm at home after napping in bed, transferred to the couch. Superman and I have been watching a documentary series called "Chicagoland".  Its about the school budget cuts in Chicago which closed down tons of schools, forcing children to walk across gang lines to get to their new "neighborhood schools". It shows the effects on school personnel, families, hospitals, police work, and politicians. Very informative and interesting. Its currently streaming on Netflix for anyone interested. 
I've eaten half a banana, some crackers, and vanIlla pudding and I feel alright. Tummy is a little off, so i have taken a nausea #1 pill. If this goes to pattern, the worst will hit me in a few hours. Which I will respond with a Nausea #2 and go to bed and be better in the morning. Totally manageable. 
Tomorrow i will have my shot and then be back to work on Friday. This will actually be my first post-chemo Friday with students, so i'm anxious to see how I make it through the day. Pee breaks, water, sitting down, eating snacks, take an afternoon nap during my plan.  It will be fine, I'm sure. Just got to take it easy. 
We found out with the Taxol treatments, I will only be required to go to the hospital on one day each week. They will do labs, oncologist appt, and treatment all in the same day. No shots afterwards. However, my oncologist is not in the clinic on Wednesdays, so we have to pick a different day. Between Superman and myself's schedules, we decided on Tuesday to be the day. I will stay out on Wednesday too for at least the first time to gauge how I feel. Hopefully I'll be up and running the rest of the time. Taxol is supposed to be easier. 
The rest of the family is eating Chinese food tonight, which I admit smells DELICIOUS, but i'm not going to eat any.  If the worst is yet to come for me tonight, thats a bad idea....haha. 
So thats all to report!  Gratitude, acceptance, healing!

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