Friday, March 13, 2015

Hair loss/morale loss/sunshine

Its been a rough day for me today.  The hair started falling out 2 days ago, but today there was a huge huge difference.  Officially a bald spot on the center of my head.  I'm glad I wore a hat today.  Superman shall be shaving it for me soon.

So I was weepy most of the day.  Music PD this morning was a good distraction for awhile, but I've definitely been having a pity-party the rest of the day.  I knew this would be happening.  Not sure why its hitting me so hard, emotionally.

First time cancer hat selfie:

Physically speaking, things are bearable.  Definitely achy and stuff but I think its going better than the first round, so far.

So, for my emotional day, it was good timing to receive such an awesome gift from some wonderful college friends.  These guys are spread throughout the country now, east coast, west coast, up north.  They sent me a little sunshine, and it was too good not to share with you!

(oh yea guys, you keep forgetting, my name is Heather REYNOLDS now! :P)  Love them.

And, my spring break officially begins in about 1 hour.  So thankful that Spring Break will be a "good week".  I can get some rest and happiness with my family and Superman and the dogs and fit some time for friends in there as well.  Gratitude, Healing, and Acceptance.   :)


  1. That is awesome. Wow....what a wonderful thing to do! HB you should watch this whenever you're feeling blue. :)

  2. Don't feel bad about being emotional--I think most people are emotional about that! How many things do we know is going to happen and yet when it happens it's more upsetting?!

    One thing that has helped me, and I'm just going to say it in case it might help you but feel free to ignore, is allow yourself to feel. If you feel like crying, cry; if you feel like yelling; yell (in a healthy way though lol); if you feel like smiling, smile; if you feel like laughing, laugh. This is a journey to be experienced, not one to be kept inside for fear someone might see. Two things may may feel better releasing those emotions rather than holding on to them, so that you can move past them. Second, those close to you may feel that they can at least be there to share those moments with you, rather than not knowing how to help.

    It's not religious, but "The Heart of Buddha's Teaching" by Thich Naht Hahn might be a great book. It talks about letting the wave (emotion) pass through experience it, but you don't hold onto it and so it doesn't hold on to you. It really helped me when I was going through a lot.

    Either way hang in there and keep a collection of happy thoughts...just little things to make you smile. :)