Sunday, March 8, 2015

Acceptance, gratitude, healing

Just a couple thoughts for today.


I read the above article and thought to myself YES.  Acceptance, gratitude, healing.  I mean, obviously, cancer is a fight.  But let's be honest.  I'm a non-confrontational person, and I don't need any F**K cancer negativity in my life.  I need gratitude.  Gratefulness for the amazing medicine and medical professionals, whom MANY of them had a quality music education in their lives that unlocked their brains for this amazing career path they chose.
And, cancer, just statistically-speaking, is going to be a thing I live with for the rest of my life now.  Even when I beat it, the chance of recurrence is 30% higher than the rest of the population.  We've got to come to terms with each other.  So, no more "fighting" per say.  Many people have commented on how glad they are that I have this fighting attitude and stuff.  I'm changing it to my healing attitude.  Gratefulness that I have amazing doctors and that I am a teacher and that the lives I shape everyday will make them people who will "heal" others, no matter what medium it is they have chosen.
But let's be clear.  That 30% statistic is by no means permission for cancer to come back.  I plan to do everything in my power from here on out to be healthy and amazing and any cancer cells floating around in my body can flush their way out and go somewhere else.  I'm just saying, cancer will be on my health agenda for the rest of my life, so we better at least be able to sit in the same room with each other without causing a scene.  


The themes that have been in my life recently line up with the 12 pieces of wisdom above.
Compassion.  Connecting with others.  Paying attention to love.   Take care of yourself first so you can take care of the world.  Coming to terms with mortality.  Food.  ...and other amazing points.

Paul Davis posted a note on Facebook today.  Go read it.  It makes me so very sad and so very happy at the same time.   Do you think I could get Paul Davis to back me on my book project??

I haven't forgotten about my book.  Tons of thoughts flowing on that one.  Developing.  I wouldn't post my idea on the inter webs if I wasn't 100% committed to it.  Its happening.  More to come.

Happy Sunday!  Day of rest and love and HEALING.  More liquid gold to come soon.  Next treatment on Wednesday.

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