Thursday, March 5, 2015

sweet children

Another great day at festival with my kids.  I'm going to try to post performance videos from this week below.  Couldn't have been happier with those kiddos.

My orchestra kids were so cute when we returned to school.  They insisted on being able to take a few pictures for memories.  1.  I had to be in them.  2.  We needed a girl picture and a boy picture (but I had to be in the boy picture too, front and center.).  I swear, my 8th grade orchestra class is the sweetest group of children I've had in one class together in my entire career.  I could list so many things about them day after day that are testaments of what wonderful nice gracious young people they are, to adults and to each other.  My subs always leave raving reports about them too.  Such nice people they are, and will become.

Some pictures of encouragement I've received recently.  Love these elephants (and the people who sent them!):

7/8 Band

7/8 Orchestra
(the other orchestra teacher at my school conducted the first song, and I conducted the second.  We combined our two classes for the event.)

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