Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The day I actually like my new haircut, I start to lose it. 

They said at chemo today that the rest should follow fairly quickly. Superman is on "patch patrol". When it gets noticeably patchy, we shave it!!

Chemo #2 was uneventful. Everything went as planned. I made two discoveries though. 
1. Laxatives and stool softener are not the same nor interchangeable. Ha! It only needed to be explained once. I get it now. 
2.  Superman doesn't know what a Ryan Gosling meme is. We were watching crazy stupid love while passing the time And i asked " I wonder if he has any cancer memes?" (Which I pronounced meeemeeees) he was very confused. "Ya know, hey girl I'll put your fuzzy socks on your feet and get you a soft blanket while you fight that cancer." Still nothing. So I type it into the Pinterest and looked some up. 
Here's a few favorites:

Found a cancer one!

For the record, Ryan Gosling is not my type. Old men with awesome beards (hence the beard meme) that incidentally have a tendency to wear capes, are my type. ;)
And to be clear, I'm not making fun of my superman because he didn't know what hey girl memes were, though I laughed hysterically when he started reading from his Google search that Ryan has never said the words hey girl in his life. I'm making this a human interest story. Superman has been so perfect according to this particular source of media. Now I'm HUMANIZING him. :)

So I've been laying in bed all afternoon. Things are going pretty good. I have a wicked headache and was extremely loopy earlier from all the drugs. My tummy feels funny on and off, so I took some nausea #1 pill. Better to get it under control at the first sign of yuckiness they said. Doing alright. Maybe this round will be easier!  Fingers crossed. My stomach actually growled a few minutes ago. I think it helped that I had a really good meal at the hospital   Last time, I ate a banana before treatment, and a little soup afterwards. Hungry tummies are not happy tummies. I may try to eat some pudding and crackers. See what happens. And WAtER!  I'm peeing (bright orange) about every 30 minutes. 

That's all for today!

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  1. The only thing worse than laxatives and stool softeners is what happens if you don't use them! :P

    And did you know there are two types of laxatives? lol And then there's the ones that add bulk. Sadly I know way too much about this.

    And pee can be fun too. I was supposed to pee purple after my surgery but the dye couldn't get through my tubes...I was kind of disappointed. lol