Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Preparing for Chemo #2

SOOOOO many things to write about today!!  *sparkly fingers*

I had my pre-chemo appointment with my oncologist this afternoon.  Basically to check my blood work for adequate blood cell counts for treatment, to discuss symptoms, ask questions, and do an exam.  After just one treatment, they don't expect much results, but she measured and felt and she found evidence that it is smaller.  YEAY!  15 more treatments to go.  Let's heal this thing outta there!

I also had my BRCA genetic testing results.  Totally negative for any of those yucky genetic mutations.  This is great news for my Family!  And great for the future of my cancer recovery.

My mom and dad came with me to this appointment, because Superman is busy being Super-band-guest-clinician in Emporia this evening.  :)

But I think it was great for them to meet my doctor and to hear answers to questions.  I know this is a journey for them as well.  We had dinner afterwards and they brought more gifts!  #cancerperk  :)

I'm particularly excited about the elephant tote bag, fuzzy socks #FUZZYSOCKS, the silk pillow cases.  :)

Speaking of gifts, more examples of how amazing my school is...  The elective team teachers presented me with flowers and a gift card to my favorite restaurant, Ladybird Cafe!! :) :)  They are the best.  #Northwestistheplacetobe

And then, first thing in the morning during my FA (homeroom), I was summoned to the office.  Someone was magically present to watch my classroom for me while I was gone.  Two of my principals sat me down to get some feedback about lunch duty and the hallways.  (I can see it now, "hmmm, we need to distract Mrs. Reynolds for about 20 minutes.  What can we get her talking about?  Oh, I know! Lunch Duty!")  They also shared some great uplifting thoughts regarding my journey and shared wisdom about faith, and positive thinking.  I have the best bosses!  Then there was a mysterious phone call, and then, "Ok Mrs. Reynolds, that's all we need.  Let's walk together, I happen to need to be down in your hallway."  So we get to my classroom, I open the door, and its completely black.  whaaaaa?  I walk in and the lights flip on and there's my FA, pluuuuus my 8th grade orchestra class.  Those sneaky rascals!  They had planned the whole thing!!  They decorated my room with get well propaganda and presented me with a gift.  They then showed me a picture-video-show-instagram-thingy of the orchestra festival trip.  I was doing ok until about halfway through, and then I just cried.   It was contagious, soon, I had all the ladies in tears too.  The boys were hiding, I'm sure.  It was silly.  They are such wonderful sweet children.  My job is the best best best.

They also made a short video.  Let's see if I can get it to work below.

Alright, so I'm doing Chemo #2 tomorrow.  The doctor says that things should remain about the same as far as side effects, with maybe a little bit more tiredness as we go along.  That's good.  And we can also be more on top of the side effects, knowing what medications to take and when.  #laxatives

More healing, gratitude, and acceptance.  #liquidgold
Here we go!


  1. I totally hear you on the laxatives...I experienced it after my first surgery and I decided if I ever had to do it again, I would be taking a stool softener with that first meal.

    I think it's awesome what your kids and school did! Never hurts to have people rooting for you! :)