Monday, March 16, 2015

Sisters are the best

I had lunch with my sister today and it was delicious and insightful.  That one is full of wisdom about health in general.  I'm lucky to have my "big sister" looking out for me.  She brought me positive cancer-fighting propaganda (elephants!), healthy toxin-free beauty products, and BOOKS.  books books books.

      "Go big or go home" :) and a scarf, which I will definitely be trying on my head soon!

From her cat. :)

I haven't read any books since I was diagnosed.  Totally not in the mindset to read, which is SOOO unlike me. :)  On Sunday, I tried picking up where I left off on one, and I just couldn't do it.  And I felt lost.  If I don't have a book to be engrossed in, I'm lost at sea.  But my sister saved me and brought me exactly what I needed.  So this one, I'm on like page 18 and I'm already saying YESSSSSSSSS.  Thank you thank you thank you.
Highly recommended for anyone diagnosed or has a loved one going through breast cancer.  It won me over at the following handful of words:
 "Breast Cancer occurs in the area of the fourth chakra, the heart chakra, the part of the body most closely associated with giving and receiving whole-heartedly, releasing grief and resentment, and allowing in full partnership with joy." (my emerging yogi immediately attached to this)
"Your goal is to create health and well-being- physically, emotionally and spiritually - not simply to treat the tumor"
"Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine thy food"

Speaking of food, I've been trying for YEARS to lose 10 pounds, and two weeks of treatment, 10 pounds, GONE. *shaking head*  One of the nurses after taking my weight, looked at me sideways and said "are you eating?".  And then was unconcerned, so I guess its ok.   I have definitely changed how I eat.  Fresh foods.  Fruits, veggies, whole grains.  And I'm eating often in smaller amounts.  Its like, I'm not hungry exactly, but I just get this tired feeling and I'm like, yes I need to eat.  My body needs fuel right now, pronto.  

We had greek food today.  Lentil soup, falafel, and hummus.  Yummo.  Then, upon arriving home, I promptly went "ker-thunk!" and napped for 2 hours.  This fatigue thing is for real.  The oncologist said that this time around would probably produce more fatigue.  Man, was she right.

Yesterday morning, I settled in on the couch and powered my way through some Downton Abbey episodes, because THEY WERE GOING TO GO OFFLINE that evening at midnight.  So I'm like, lets do this.  Gotta meet the deadline!  I had like 5 episodes to finish.  When I got finished with three episodes, I could barely function.  It was about 1:00, and yup, told Superman, I'm going to bed and stayed there for 3 hours.  So, I guess afternoon naps are going to be a necessity from now on.  No longer a luxury.  A requirement.

(In case anyone was wondering, I did finish the final 2 episodes later that night and made the deadline.  Whew!  Priorities!  Oh and CARSON AND MS. HUGHES.  *high five*)

So after my nap, I took Charlie dog for a walk.  Got in my moderate exercise/healing for the day.  :)  

Happy dog!  I'm sticking my tongue out at the silly convention that people don't wear stocking caps on an 85-degree day.  I don't care.  Cancer = automatic hipster status.  I'll wear my beanie hat on any day I please.

I have plans to attend a lot of yoga this week (spring break!), but I think I'll sit tonight out.  

So, very happy day.  Sitting with my computer in front of an open window, listening to acoustic folk music, and two dogs at my feet.  I'll take it!

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  1. Yea for happy days! I'm welcoming the spring equinox on Sunday with a yoga event that evening. If you are in KC for any reason that night you are welcome to join! I think it's at 6?