Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Hair!!

We went wig shopping today!  Came home with a winner. :)


Telling me about the care kit.

We both had a resounding NO to this one.  Look at her face, haha!

This one was ok...

They had a book of african animals on their coffee table with an ELEPHANT on the front. :)

A cap for sleeping and general comfort.

And the winner is...!
Its a very pretty brown color with a touch of auburn/red/gold in it.  I've always loved this color, but my hair will never hold any kind of red in it.  So now, I get to have that color and keep it.  Cancer perk!

So, this wig was just a week old on their floor, so I went ahead and just bought that one so we wouldn't have to wait to order one.  I was starting to get anxious that the hair would start coming out before I was ready.  And we looked through a bunch of color swatches looking for maybe a color of brown that was a little lighter, but then I kept coming back to the color swatch that was the demo wig's same color.  So, it was meant to be.  We bought it!  The great thing is, Superman's army coverage is going to cover this for me.  We had to pay money up front, but will be reimbursed.  Tri-care is awesome.  BCBS doesn't cover anything for cancer patients, like wigs, mastectomy bra type stuff.  So that stinks.  But Tri-care, yes, their cancer program stuff is A-mazing.
So, I'm READY.  Bring it on hair.  You can fall out now.  I also have some cute fake-lens glasses on hand.  I read in a blog about a girl who used her thick-rimmed glasses as a way to mask how weird she looked when her eyebrows came out.  I am so ready.  I'll model my glasses at a later date.

I'm out right now doing one of my favorite activities ever.  Typing in a coffee shop.  Some people would find it odd that I enjoy to spend my Saturday night alone, but coffee shopping is MY FAVORITE.  I'm an introvert.  An INFJ, to be exact.  Being out alone on a Saturday night is coooooompletely fine with me.

I did have a nice surprise too.  Superman showed up with one of our very good friends and sat with me for awhile.  Had some amazing laughs and great conversation.  Love them.

On the way downtown, A Prairie Home Companion was on the radio.  A vocal group was singing an arrangement of Samson and Delilah, one of my favorite songs of ALL TIME.  Regina Spektor's version.  In fact, I wanted to walk down the aisle at my wedding to this song, its so beautiful, but it wasn't very fitting for the occasion.  And Superman vetoed it.  The vocalists brought me to tears in the car, which to be honest doesn't take much these days.  The lyrics also refer to cutting hair, not having much hair, and references red hair.  Quite appropriate for my day today!  Sharing below.

And lastly, for today, because its 9:10pm and almost my bedtime and I'm starting to feel exhausted (sigh!), my mom sent me a poem she found today.

I do not like this chemo crap.
I do not want to wear a cap.
I do not want an IV drip.
No Carboplatin, not one sip.
I do not like my face with rashes.
I liked my lids when they had lashes.
I did not want to lose my hair.
And yes, I’ve lost it everywhere.
Now, nothing seems to be much fun
When to the bathroom I must run.
I cannot taste what’s on my plate.
You’d think that I could lose some weight.
But these steroids, it must be noted
Just cause me to feel big and bloated.
I realize that “this, too, shall pass”
I’ll bet I get to keep my ass.
And I’m sure it’s a foregone conclusion:
I do not want my next infusion.
But I must go, I can’t postpone.
So with this poem, I’ll bitch and moan.
And friends, indulge me with this blog,
And excuse my writing chemo-fog.
To end this here, I have to say; there is not any better way:
I do not like this thing called cancer.
Next time it calls, I will not answer.

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  1. Good pick! It looks super cute! And smart to go with a color you like but can't normally do. I'm excited to hear more about your book idea and new look at teaching. Keep the post coming. :) And yes a very good song.